Virtual General Practice AI

We change the World - the World changes us!


Information technology brings new opportunities to medicine. Experts who are passionate about ideas are the main driver of innovation. I would like to express my thanks to UADITM for support and tell a little about it.

The Association brings together specialists in Ukraine who are interested in the future of medicine. Implementation of new technologies in medical practice - an important priority in health care. During a short period of activity, important results have already been achieved. Ukrainian Government adopted regulatory framework and the use of Telemedicine in this is the result of the great work of our Association. The Association focuses on a systematic approach to the development of telemedicine and eHealth.

Vision. The modern world is impossible without digital technology. Health and digital technologies in combination provide an extremely wide range of opportunities for health and disease prevention.

Mission. Creation of an information environment for the active implementation of modern digital solutions in the healthcare sector. The Association works for the good:

professional community - we contribute to the creation of conditions for continuous professional development and improvement of the quality of medicine, we develop educational products;
population of the country - inform the public about the possibilities of Digital Health to promote the use of Digital technologies in Health;
government - we participate in the development of regulations on the implementation, development and use of Digital Health;
local governments - we provide expert opinions, profile recommendations at the local level.

Priority area of Digital Health - Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Health, including Telemedicine. You will find more details about the project on this page.